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Welcome to Mach1 Realty - Mike, Lindsey, and Wayne

There is a lot to check out on our Mach1 website. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about our listings and about us.  Maybe you are looking for info on land auctions or other companies real estate listings and can't find what your looking for?  Text or call us.

Meet the Team

Mike McCann Mach1 Realty Nebraska Fasrms, Ag Land, Commercial Broker and Real Estate Auctioneer.

Mike McCann

Lindsey Haden

Lindsey Haden

Real Estate Broker/Owner & Auctioneer

Over 28 years of farm & land auctions, investment property, and 1031 Tax Exchange expertise. Nationwide Consulting and Investments. Multifamily specialist as well.

Lindsey Haden Nebraska Land and Acreage Specialist Mach1 Realty

Lindsey Haden

Lindsey Haden

Lindsey Haden

Licensed Agent

Farm Land for Sale, Ranch Land, rural residential acreages, real estate, investment property and land auctions. Call me even if you want to buy land for sale by other companies!


Wayne Connell

Lindsey Haden

Wayne Connell

Licensed Agent

Farm and ranch land, land auctions, investment properties, and rural residential and acreage, farm and multi-family properties management specialist.

Team Opportunities

Make 80% of the commission!

See our mission regarding real estate in Nebraska and search our map to find licensed agent opportunities throughout Nebraska  and maybe you will be the next agent having land auctions!

We Have Got You Covered



We are convinced after decades of research that  Absolute Land Auctions are the best way to get the highest price for your land, but it does carry potential risk. Call us today so we can sit down and review your options.  While Mike, the Auctioneer, makes the auction calls, this Call on your real estate is ultimately yours.



We list your property For Sale in a traditional method and market to the correct demographics and Buyers that will be interested in your property. Or we can take the land auctions route.  Every listing is unique with individual requirements and needs that we discuss and share with you throughout the Listing and Selling process.                                                                        

1031 Exchange can help save you a lot of money. Call us to find out how an Exchange can benefit you!

1031 Exchange

You have options when buying and selling real estate and a 1031 Exchange is an excellent tool for minimizing the tax liability that can come with selling. You may be throwing money away if you do not fully understand a 1031 Tax Exchange. Ask for our 1031 Information Packet today! Sent to you FREE of charge!

At Your Service Throughout Nebraska and Beyond

Broker Price Opinion

Detailed Market Analysis

Detailed Market Analysis


 A BPO is a market value analysis of the current value of the real estate based off of current market conditions and recent sales of like kind property. We conduct the BPO FREE of charge to our clients, customers, and potential clients. We are  not licensed appraisers. We sell and auction property and our BPO will give you critical information on your value!

Don't pay for one when ours will use the same exact sales data and is FREE!

Detailed Market Analysis

Detailed Market Analysis

Detailed Market Analysis


Our Detailed Market Analysis takes the BPO to the next level and presents to our clients and potential clients an in-depth look at the details of their property and current market conditions effecting the listing value in order to assist you in making the best decision for meeting your goals. is FREE to you.

Investor Opportunities

Detailed Market Analysis

Investor Opportunities


 We work with Investors of all sizes from large Real Estate Investment Trusts to small individual Investors. Call us if you are an Investor or need to find one for your farming operation and view all of our listings for farm, residential, commercial, or subdivision investment opportunities.

Buyer Representation

Find the Right Lender

Investor Opportunities


If you are looking to buy a farm, home, rental property, water rights, commercial, or anything else real estate related, talk with us. Many of the best properties never make it to the open market and are sold behind closed doors without most Buyers even knowing about it. Let us help you find those closed door deals. even if listed with other companies...we can help you out!!

Find the Right Lender

Find the Right Lender

Find the Right Lender

Don't Let the Sun Set on Your Dreams. Let us help you find the right Lender Mach1 Realty Loup River

Do Not Let the Sun Set on Your Dreams.  

Are you looking to improve your cash flow or consolidate your real estate debt? 

 Our lender connections take the time to find the right loan solution for you.  We want you to reach your goals and sometimes that means helping you out ....                         

instead of selling you out.

Serving all 93 Nebraska Counties

Nebraska is our home...We work the whole state!

Our home office is in Kearney...However our real office is our vehicles...we come to you! Really!! 

With land for sale around the state...We really will come to you...and we even will call you back.  Relax...We have you covered!

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