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284.87 acres

Overton Nebraska farm for sale Mach1 Realty  Mike McCann

Top Producing Platte Valley Farm

LOCATION:   3 Miles west of Overton, Nebraska on Highway 30, southwest side of Union Pacific Railroad Tracks

FARM INFO:  Highly productive farm. All electric operation with 3 Zimmatic Pivots, 3 excellent wells, farm was totally redeveloped in 2014. Manure spread in 2015. 

All crop production, soil, well, & pivot records available from 2014 through 2017.  

Full Mile of Union Pacific Rail Road frontage.  5 miles to ethanol plant.

Wells all are in excellent condition and are top producers with no drop off in the busy season. Pivots serviced annually. 

Corn planted in 2016 & 2018.  Beans planted in 2017. 

250+ Bushel corn average.  Seller will rent back if Investor needs a quality Tenant.

PRICE:       $7,500/acre  

Contact Mike McCann for more information or to make an offer.

Legal:   All Land Lying South of the UPRR right of way in 16-9-20 & the NE1/4 of 21-9-20 except the 18 acre farmstead, located in Dawson County, Nebraska   

Dawson County Irrigated Acres - 284.87ac - $7,500/ac

284.87 AC Pouk Overton NE Flyer 1-22-19 w leaseback (pdf)


Mike McCann - (308) 627-3700 - mike@mikemccann.com

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Nebraska Farm & Investment Brokers


Mike McCann - Broker - Auctioneer

Mike McCann - Broker - Auctioneer

Mike McCann - Broker - Auctioneer

(308) 627-3700



Mike McCann - Broker - Auctioneer

Mike McCann - Broker - Auctioneer



Lindsey Haden - Licensed Agent

Mike McCann - Broker - Auctioneer

Lindsey Haden - Licensed Agent